Dear boy

Dear boy: after knowing you for twenty years through the memories of your father, I understand that it is very complex to write to you,

So or something like that he called his book Sabato, I copy the title, what’s wrong with emulating a title?

Twenty years ago, you were a child of ten, he left everything and crossed the map to his native land just for me, thanks to me, to my madness to make him fall in love: he needed to be loved.

I do not know if in the maelstrom of love that poured into us, I, did I think of you? In your orphanhood? In the withdrawal of his role as father? In the protection you needed?

No, I gave myself to his love and he to mine. We both had a long honeymoon and we loved each other and chained each other – that’s how strong love was. No, no, he didn’t forget about you… we forgot about the world. We won and lost because those who love each other are selfish. You have to be: if you really love for a while you must erase the rest of the world. He builds a castle, he encloses himself in it and lives only to love!

We had pictures of you and he would cry every time he looked at them. He was telling me about you, he remembered, I always listened to him carefully. It was such a difficult situation: I couldn’t go to your side, I couldn’t redo it… suddenly, we were both trapped here. Thousands of kilometers and thousands of silences.

He never stopped thinking about you, dreaming about you…. never stopped loving you. Social networks were a mirage: every so often a photo, a little greeting … and his immense sadness, his absolute loss … it was so hard for me to see him like that. I, who often live reluctantly, have been sustained for twenty years by the love of your father’s life … I owe him a lot … but when he read to you … his world fell apart, and I never had the strength to encourage him …

Today your voice and your image have emerged, miracle of the Internet, and he is so happy… I love that he is happy !!!! He only waits for your call or to be able to call you … the world lights up with your voice …

Really, dear boy, your father is much happier than before. My love was not enough, I needed you. I am happy for you, for the reunion, because believe it or not: you look a lot like your father and it has earned me an immense tenderness to have you close, even for this device,

Dear boy: thank you for this opportunity to meet you, thank you for the happiness of your father and sorry for having fallen so madly in love with him and keeping him by my side … maybe it all happened because of something, I don’t know …

I could never be your mother, I would have liked to, but I am the woman who has loved your father the most after her mother, perhaps that is enough for you to estimate me a bit …

Dear boy, I am already loving you almost like a son …

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